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Insert Bearing

Insert Bearing
Bear in the radial direction load primarily radial and axial union load, should not be commonly alone bear axial load, these bearings can separately installs inner circle (with the group of roller and keep device) and outer ring. The bearing not allows axis tilt relative shells in the radial direction load appointment, will generate additional axial force. The bearing axial clearance for bearing the size, can work normally relationship is very big, when axial clearance after hours, high temperature; axial clearance is bigger, bearing damage easily. Therefore, in installation and operation to pay special attention to adjust bearing axial clearance, may, when necessary, preloaded mounting, to increase bearing rigidity.
Insert bearing features:
1. Deep groove ball bearing
2. Outer diameter for spherical surface,
3. Can match the concave spherical into housing in corresponding play self-aligning role

The insert bearing applies to request priority simple equipment and parts for situations, such as agricultural machinery, transportation system or construction machinery.