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Eccentri Bearing

Eccentric Bearings are very practical types in all the bearings. It has a simple structure, including an outer ring, an inner ring, rolling element and rolling element basket. The hole of inner ring is eccectric hole and there is a longitudinal keyway on the medial wall of eccentric hole. It is able to achieves eccentric function without eccentric axis. In this way, it has another advantage, that is easy assembly. At the same time ,it reduces the cost of manufacturing eccentric bearings.

There are two types of Eccentric Bearings. One is double row and layer tapered roller eccentric bearing. It is an Cylindrical Roller Bearings with single raceway and a little clearance or negative clearance. Eccentric Bearings mainly installed in the printer roller and on both sides of impression cylinder.

The other is an Cylindrical Roller Bearings with double-layer raceway and eccentric negative clearance. It is installed on both sides of Printing rubber cylinder. To compared with conventional rolling bearings , Hollow cylindrical roller bearings have better vibration absorber ability, long precision life vibration and overload protection function.

The applicational Eccentric Bearings are: reducer, petrochemicals, textile, metallurgy, mine and Steel works etc.