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SAMICK bearing

The SAMICK Precision lnd. Co., Ltd. as the enterprise which manufactures the factory automation related product with specialty, producing and selling linear motion bearing which it completes with form technical development. Also, the SAMICK precision lnd. Co., Ltd. is a concentrating width of the headquarters of a party being selected in the Worldwide First Class Goods; it is raising the name of the Republic of Korea. Since establishmented , SAMICK have been putting SAMICK's efforts on manufacturing our best products such as SAMICK's linear bushing, linear ball bearing, ball bushing, support rail unit, linear motion bearing, linear bearing and Guide Master, etc. SAMICK will listen to the valued customers and manufacture quality products.
The SAMICK brand stands for the development and manufacture of linear ball bearings as well as Guide Master for the whole automation systems worldwide. SAMICK brand products have stood for reliable solutions as well as top engineering and production expertise to the company's customers.